Name Your PC Day is November 20th, 2023 & How to Celebrate

Name Your PC Day is November 20th, 2023 & How to Celebrate

Naming your PC seems silly at first. However, depending on how many memories and opportunities made themselves possible due to your PC staying online during an important interview or refreshing just in time to get tickets to a concert. Your PC and you have been through a lot; now it's time to name them! 

What is Name Your PC Day?

Name Your PC Day takes place on November 20th of every year. This day has surged in popularity due to the reliance on PCs in recent years, with the entire market seeing unprecedented growth and adoption for desktops and laptops alike. 

How to Celebrate Name Your PC Day 2023

At Apex Gaming PCs, we are taking the time to appreciate all PCs by not only offering a sitewide sale but also introducing our Apex Up Program, where you can get your old PC appraised and sent in for a discount. This effort is to ensure that older usable computer parts are saved from going into a landfill and are recycled, all while earning up to a 60% discount for your new system with us

Why Celebrate Name Your PC Day?

To tell you a personal story, I named my first PC “Boot Boot” due to a quirk in the motherboard BIOS settings to boot twice before loading into Windows 10 to play video games. When it was time to upgrade, I took all the storage out of  my old system and put it into the new one, affectionally calling it “Reboot.” 

PC will be in our daily lives whether we notice them or not. Getting a satisfactory feeling knowing your PC has a name brings the same significance as a dependable car.

At Apex Gaming PCs, we are ready to commit to a dependable system that fits your needs and budget while giving you a PC you name your very own!

Written By William Wilson

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